Backseat Virgins Born Again

As Backseat Virgins prove on Born Again, toeing the line can be a positive experience. It just depends on which line you’re sidling up to. Their brand of female-fronted pop punk is created with no real directive in place other than to have fun playing simple three-chord ditties high in energy and low in brain wattage. Born Again is more than just reminiscent of Fat Wreck Chords’ glory days when even bands like Fabulous Disaster and Zerodown could shift a comfortable amount of units. Unlike these loose comparisons though, the backbone for all things Born Again comes with heaps of Queers — and therefore, Ramones — influence. Simplistic tunes bounce around with reckless abandon and generally muse on such brain-busting, intense subjects as being a "Light Sleeper,” love and relationships gone awry. It’s party music for pretty punks who’ve had enough of politics with their circle pits. (Insubordination)