Babe Rainbow x Rico Uno Shaved Mixtape

Babe Rainbow x Rico Uno <i>Shaved Mixtape</i>
Babe Rainbow, Vancouver's gloomiest of post-dub-step producers, just had his debut EP, Shaved, drop earlier this week on Warp. To celebrate, the producer asked Vancouver DJ Rico Uno to compile a mixtape compiling and remixing some of the producer's best remix work, and adding some of his own edits.

The result is a strange, eerie and ultimately rewarding listen. The 35-minute mix blends together Rainbow's dubby soundscapes and barely-recognizable remix work. It also showcases his not-so-secret love affair with rap music, as a surprise Snoop Dogg vocal track feels right at home.

Download the Babe Rainbow x Rico Uno mixtape by clicking the arrow in the player above. While it does play as one long track, here's a rough tracklisting to keep you focused:

Babe Rainbow "Popcommon" (Rico Uno's Fast Blend)
Babe Rainbow "Shaved"
Midnight Juggernauts "The New Technology" (Babe Rainbow Dark & Dubby Remix)
Babe Rainbow "Mexico" (Rico Uno's Drifter Blend)
Babe Rainbow "Tummy" Sticks (Rico Uno's Got To Be Strong Blend)
Demarco "True Friend" (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Fine Mist "In The Mountains" (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Comanechi "On & On" (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Zomby "Aquafresh" (Babe Rainbow Stilettos Blend)
Basketball "Lightning Lip"
Wavves "Weed Demon" (Babe Rainbow Surf-Step Edit)
DOOM "Gazzillion Ear" (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Babe Rainbow & Basketball "Proper" (Rico Uno This Feeling Blend)

Video production team Salazar also dropped a bone-chilling video for "Shaved," which can be streamed below.