Baauer Says "Harlem Shake" Is "Corny and Annoying as Fuck"

Baauer Says 'Harlem Shake' Is 'Corny and Annoying as Fuck'
Philadelphia producer Baauer continues to promote his forthcoming Aa full-length with a series of new tracks. The release marks his first proper album, but one song that won't appear on it is the once-viral "Harlem Shake."

As it turns out, the song has become the bane of Baauer's existence. That's understandable, because the song did inspire a goofy viral dance craze that even had your lame uncle getting in on the fun with his office-mates.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the producer recalled the viral meme-storm that "Harlem Shake" unearthed. "It became corny and annoying as fuck, and my name was attached to that," he said.

Now that the whole thing has died down, Baauer said he hopes to never achieve that level of internet fame again.

"I look at Kanye, who lives in that 24/7, and I can't imagine what kind of a person you must be to deal with that," he said. "Just getting the smallest little touch of that experience was too much for me.... I totally see what Kurt Cobain must have felt like when it happened to him."  

Here's hoping Aa doesn't inspire any embarrassing dance crazes when it drops on March 18 via LuckyMe.