Azealia Banks "Fuck Up the Fun" (prod. by Diplo)

Azealia Banks 'Fuck Up the Fun' (prod. by Diplo)
After signing with Universal and naming her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste, much-hyped Harlem rapper Azealia Banks has leaked a new Diplo-produced track called "Fuck Up the Fun."

While it's so far unconfirmed as to whether this track will appear on her album, "Fuck Up the Fun" suggests good things to come, as the rapper hasn't slowed down or cleaned up her language since signing to the big leagues. Instead, this is a drum-heavy Diplo beat with Banks being as playful and aggressive as ever.

 Details are yet to be confirmed, but Broke with Expensive Taste is expected in September. Check out "Fuck Up the Fun" below.