Azealia Banks "Count Contessa" (video)

Azealia Banks 'Count Contessa' (video)
Azealia Banks' song "Count Contessa" dates back a couple of years, and while we still haven't heard her long-promised Fantasea II: The Second Wave mixtape, she has now given the track its own video.

The clip is set on a beach, where Banks walks a cute pig on a leash and gets her fortune told. After this intro, the jittery rhythm starts up, and Banks spits "212"-style rhymes while dancing around in her swimsuit at nighttime. She gets intimate with a friend, and the colours are tweaked from time to time, but it's mostly a fairly straightforward video. It was directed by Rony Alwin.

Check it out below. It remains to be seen whether "Count Contessa" will be part of Fantasea II, or if it will appear on her Business & Pleasure album.