Azealia Banks "Count Contessa"

Azealia Banks 'Count Contessa'
Azealia Banks has pumped the brakes on her recently announced Fantasea II: The Second Wave mixtape, fitting it with a way-faraway due date of July 11, 2014, but she's given us all an extra-early preview of the set by streaming first single "Count Contessa."

The Lone-produced track finds the rapper once again dabbling in early '90s house rhythms and spitting "212"-style about dancing to the beat, tapping into your potential, and being the "kunt perfecta," among other things. Of the track's lyrical content, she tweeted: "It's a song about a woman with a man's physical strength. Like, literally. Hahaaa."

You can check out Banks's powerful play-by-play down below.

While we have, in theory, a firm date set for Fantasea II: The Second Wave, it's still unclear just when Banks will deliver her long-delayed Broke With Expensive Taste studio album.