Axl Rose Returns Dave Grohl's Throne... in Pieces

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 19, 2016

Never ones to shy away from hilarious headlines, Guns N' Roses' made their return in a rather amusing fashion. After getting injured at a comeback gig in L.A., head Gunner Axl Rose borrowed Dave Grohl's now-famous throne for his seated onstage theatrics. Well, now that Rose is back on the up-and-up, it seems he's returned the throne to its rightful owner, though perhaps not all in one piece.

A recent interview with GNR production manager Dale "Opie" Skjerset by Boston radio station WAAF 97.7 revealed that the chair has now been returned to Grohl. And while Skjerset didn't go into tons of detail, some of what he said is a bit disconcerting.

"We gave the chair back, yes, they got the chair back," Skjerset said. "In parts, but they got it."

So far we've yet to hear any complaints from Grohl's camp, but our hearts go out to the throne. However, it's good to know it wasn't used to smuggle guns into Canada.

Thanks to Alternative Nation for the tip.

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