Axl Rose Facing Lawsuit After Allegedly Breaking Fan's Teeth at Guns N' Roses Show

Axl Rose Facing Lawsuit After Allegedly Breaking Fan's Teeth at Guns N' Roses Show
It seems like a little while since Axl Rose stirred up a controversy in the press, but the Guns N' Roses singer is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, he's facing a lawsuit from an Australian fan after allegedly breaking the man's teeth.

Guns N' Roses performed in Perth this past weekend (March 9). During the gig, the notoriously shit-stirring frontman apparently threw his microphone into the crowd and hit 39-year-old Darren Wright in the mouth. This cut his lip and broke his two front teeth, and dental bills have been estimated at around $5,000 Australian (that's $ 5,296 Canadian).

Wright told the West Australian, "With the bright lights and explosions, I couldn't see anything. The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the mouth. I thought I had been punched. I was quite stunned and it took a few seconds to realize what was going on. I could feel bits of teeth in my mouth. Then someone is climbing through my legs to grab the microphone."

Tour promoter Andrew McManus reportedly left a message on Wright's phone apologizing for the incident and offered to give him the microphone signed by the singer. This was evidently not enough for the fan, however, who said, "I don't think he intended to do it, but it came at me at a fairly flat and hard trajectory. Those cordless microphones are not light. I'm surprised it didn't do more damage. At the very least, I want someone to pay to get my teeth fixed."

Wright was given first aid treatment at the venue. Although he isn't angry at the vocalist, he has since been in contact with a law firm and is suing Rose for damages.