Awkwardcore Records Nabs Deerhoof, Apollo Ghosts, the Music Tapes for New Comp

Awkwardcore Records Nabs Deerhoof, Apollo Ghosts, the Music Tapes for New Comp
The Rochester, NY-based Awkwardcore Records is a self-professed "fledgling label" that specializes in payment-optional downloads. This isn't exactly a money-making financial model, but that hasn't stopped the label from putting together an awesome-looking compilation to raise funds.

The collection contains a live track from Deerhoof, plus rare cuts from a slew of lo-fi heroes and underground favourites. This includes Elephant 6 staple the Music Tapes, eclectic Philly rockers Univox, Irish garage pop genius So Cow and prolific DIY project the Capstan Shafts.

Of special note for Canadian music fans is the inclusion of Vancouver's Apollo Ghosts. The group contributed "Dirty Letters for Nora," an experimental track based on author James Joyce's pornographic letters to his wife. You can stream or download that song from Insomnia Radio.

The 21-song comp, simply titled Awkwardcore Compilation #1, also includes a number of Rochester bands, plus artists from the Awkwardcore roster. See the tracklist below.

The compilation will officially go on sale on Record Store Day (April 16). The digital-only release will cost $5, so check back to Facebook for a purchase link to be posted.

Awkwardcore Compilation #1:

1. The Capstan Shafts - "Back When Phone Lines Cut the Sky"
2. Fewn - "The Hoof Destroyer "
3. Univox - "Bashful Son"
4. Dion McGregor - "Naughty Pussy"
5. Ganache - "That Old Pastoral"
6. Bogs Visionary Orchestra - "Colors"
7. Deerhoof - "Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back (live)"
8. Dirtman - "Spirit Spout"
9. Kerrin Pantelakis - "Loner"
10. Colonel Parmisan - "Centric"
11. Painted Rocks - "Sea of Quarks"
12. So Cow - "As I Roved Out (Brian)"
13. The Northwest Man - "The Means"
14. The Music Tapes - "Minister of Longitude" (live at Awkwardcore Studios)
15. Seth Faergolzia - "Icky Sticky"
16. Goodbad - "Lungfish"
17. Anti-Octopus - "Rattlesnake"
18. Simon Waldram - "Girl with the Clipboard"
19. Apollo Ghosts - "Dirty Letters to Nora"
20. The Bloody Noes - "Ranchhh"
21. The Whiskers - "Birds of Paradise (Remix)"