Autre Ne Veut Returns with 'Age of Transparency'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 6, 2015

In 2013, Autre Ne Veut (a.k.a. Arthur Ashin) released the stunning Anxiety LP — an album so nice we reviewed it twice. Today, the artist has finally announced plans for a proper follow-up.

The new LP is called Age of Transparency, and its the second album in a trilogy started by Anxiety. Fittingly, it's got some similar cover art, available above.

Ashin explained the origin of the album name Age of Transparency . "The title comes from marketing jargon. It's a term for the place we're in now, where truth and transparency are just ways to sell things and honesty is its own kind of performance.... Transparency is an impossibility. It's more about trying to be transparent and falling on your face in the process."

While its still got plenty of Ashin's forward-thinking take on R&B, a press release adds that Transparency is heavily influenced by jazz. "I've been listening to jazz since I was a kid and wanted to experiment with it," he said. "For me, it taps into this comforting and antiquated image of the truth."

Age of Transparency will arrive on October 2 via Downtown. The album has an official interactive website here, and you can view the BANGS-directed video for "World War Pt. 2" below.

Age of Transparency:

1. On and On (Reprise)
2. Panic Room
3. Cold Winds
4. Age of Transparency
5. Switch Hitter
6. Never Wanted
7. Word War Pt. 2
8. Over Now
9. Get Out

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