Aussie Rapper Pulls a Dine-and-Dash on $600 Seafood Bill by Fleeing into the Ocean

Aussie Rapper Pulls a Dine-and-Dash on $600 Seafood Bill by Fleeing into the Ocean
Rappers the world over like to boast about dining on expensive seafood dinners, but part of the lavish lifestyle usually involves paying the bill afterwards. One aspiring Gold Coast MC did no such thing after a pricy weekend meal, with his dine-and-dash landing him in the same place his main course came from.

As ABC reports, 33-year-old Aussie rapper Terry Peck (whose stage name is, in fact, 2Pec) enjoyed a $621 meal at Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant in Main Beach, Australian, on Sunday evening (April 9). He then ran from the restaurant and straight into the ocean in efforts to dodge the hefty bill, leading police to head out after the rapper and arrest him mid-swim.

The meal apparently included two lobsters, a baby octopus, 17 oyster shooters and several beers.

A lifeguard at Main Beach took two police officers out into the water on a jet ski to reel Peck in from the surf after attempted negotiations to bring him back to shore failed. You can watch footage of the arrest here.

Today (April 10), the rapper was charged with stealing and two counts of assaulting a police officer. Along with being ordered to never set foot in the restaurant again, Peck is expected back in court on May 4 having been released on bail.

Magistrate Joan White granted bail, but not before saying, "Oh God! By himself?" when she saw the bill.

Peck claimed he left the restaurant to attend to a friend who was giving birth on the beach. He also told reporters that he didn't enjoy the meal, not because of its hefty bill, but because the lobster was overcooked.