Austin Basham "On the Hunt"

Austin Basham 'On the Hunt'
Southern singer-songwriter Austin Basham hails from — where else? — Austin, TX, and the folksy troubadour is set to release his new EP Linton // Oslo next week. Before it hits shelves, though, Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of his new track "On the Hunt."
Plucky acoustic guitars, whistled melodies and Basham's warm, gentle vocals shine on the new single. A sweet melancholy permeates his delivery on the refrain of: "I gave you the kill, but you're still on the hunt," though the buoyant guitar-picking keeps it from ever sound too sad.
The new EP was recorded in the title-referenced city of Oslo, Norway, with producer Digory Smallz and was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound New York and Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios. The self-released effort officially arrives on May 4, but you can give "On the Hunt" a listen right now, in the player below.