Audio Karate Lady Melody

From the discordant guitar squeals of the opener "Jesus is Alive and Well (and Living in Mexico),” through to the more straight-ahead rock of "Who Brings Guns To A Knife Fight,” Lady Melody is the most fulfilled Audio Karate release to date, capturing an energy and enthusiasm that seemed to be lacking from 2001’s Space Camp. Recalling such groups as Fugazi and Jawbox, though infusing their sound with a decidedly more poppy edge, the band demonstrate a knack for creating songs that are both pleasing to the ear and at the same time discomforting in their structure and instrumentation. While the vocals may be melodic and flowing, the accompanying guitar will be a blast of distorted atonality, making Lady Melody a fine example of a band growing into their sound and developing a unique personality in the process. (Kung Fu)