Atlas Sound's Bedroom Databank Series Deleted by Sony Over Alleged Copyright Violations

Atlas Sound's <i>Bedroom Databank</i> Series Deleted by Sony Over Alleged Copyright Violations
In the past week, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox has released a barrage of new material, in the form of his Bedroom Databank series, which is already up to four volumes. Now, these freebies have been taken down after a mysterious copyright claim by Sony Music.

In a blog post entitled "Your Files Have Been Deleted," Cox posted a series of emails from Sony Music explaining that the Mediafire links to download Bedroom Databank Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 had been deleted. The messages claimed that the files were removed due to "unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by Sony Music."

In the post, Cox wrote, "Apparently Sony Music owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think."

He appears to be as confused as we are about why the files were deleted, adding, "I can understand them requesting for me to remove a cover, but the only one I can imagine that happening with is Dylan. Which was on Vol. 1. Which was not deleted."

Both Deerhunter and Atlas Sound have released albums through 4AD/Kranky, so it's not clear how Sony can claim rights over Cox's music.

And in a move that may anger Sony even more, Cox has re-uploaded the deleted Bedroom Databank albums, so you can once again download them on Mediafire via the Deerhunter blog.

However, we have a feeling this may not be over just yet.

UPDATE: Sony has now issued the following statement about the Atlas Sound takedown [via Pitchfork]: "The Bradford Cox tracks were mistakenly removed. We advised Mediafire that the titles were mistakenly taken down. We have communicated all of this to Bradford Cox and his manager. We apologize for any inconvenience."