Astrocolor Rifftop Tent Stage, Victoria BC, September 18

Astrocolor Rifftop Tent Stage, Victoria BC, September 18
Photo: Lindsey Blane
At first, it was hard to take Astrocolor seriously. Wearing faux fur, white suit jackets, sunglasses and scruffy handlebar moustaches, the ragtag group's instrumental dance jams seemed a bit better suited to a favourite trashy neighbourhood bar than a festival stage. Obviously having quite a time together onstage though, in the end it was hard to argue with their saxophone-headed, reverb-drenched dub.
One thing that was missing that could have really sent the set to the next level was a lead vocal; the songs seemed to call for a mysterious female vocalist, which would have lent an edge and more of a story to the songs. Given the dance-oriented nature of the set, it would have been nice to hear the group weave in and out of the tunes, as well. As it was, the jams would begin, escalate, then abruptly end. 

Continuity aside, Astrocolor provided the comic relief that everyone needed on their hungover Sunday. They weren't particularly original or pushing the envelope, but they were fun and easy, perfect for that particular moment.