Astrid Williamson Day Of The Lone Wolf

Somehow overshadowed by label-mates Suede during the ’90s, Goya Dress still managed to turn heads despite only releasing one album. Much of that was due to Astrid Williamson, the band’s captivating singer. When they broke up, Williamson pursued a solo career (while the other two members joined David Gedge in Cinerama) and her first two albums were greeted in a similar way to that of Goya Dress: great reviews but no commercial breakthough due in part to the lack of a North American distribution deal. Thankfully her third album, Day of The Lone Wolf, has managed to capture that elusive deal and finally she has the chance to win a wider audience. And it shouldn’t be too hard either because this is her strongest work to date. While her classical piano training will still lead to Tori Amos comparisons, she has always been more of a kindred spirit to PJ Harvey or Kristin Hersh, writing smart, literate songs that aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, no matter how much blood is involved. While it may have some radio-friendly moments (such as "Superman 2”), Day of The Lone Wolf still has its fair share of the moody, darker songs that Williamson does so well. That makes for a rewarding record that doesn’t give away all its secrets on the first listen but still has an immediacy that should turn her into the star that she deserves to be. Time will tell. (One Little Indian)