Arthur Mag in "Hibernation"

<i>Arthur</i> Mag in 'Hibernation'
It appears that Arthur, the free-thinking L.A.-based music and culture mag, is going through another rough patch. Late last week, editor/publisher Jay Babcock announced the publication would "hibernate," effectively axing the print version of Arthur and leaving the magazine facing an uncertain future.

"I am done with self-publishing Arthur, which I've been doing since July, 2007. It's too much work for one person to edit, publish and manage a national magazine, month after month, year after year," Babcock writes on Arthur's website. "If/when a publishing partner appears, and so on, Arthur will return to print. That could be in three days, three months or three years."

Babcock split with former business partner Laris Kreslins in 2007 and has since ran into his fair share of financial trouble. Last summer, the publication nearly folded entirely, until it was saved from ruin by a funding drive, which, with the help of loyal readers, raised $20,000 to keep the magazine afloat.

Arthur will solider on this year in a strictly online capacity, which Babcock says "doesn't have as much financial risk or management burden." The publication website is to be upgraded and expanded in the coming days, he says, with two new Arthur CDs, a DVD and books soon to be for sale on the mag's website. Also, he reminds readers there are 31 back issues up for sale on at its webshop.