Arlo Stab The Unstoppable Hero

These days it is hard to know what to expect from a Sub Pop release, as their current roster is quite the strange mix of bands and artists who have nothing in common; not like the old days. Fortunately, the majority of what they are putting out is pretty impressive, and the second album from Los Angeles band Arlo is no exception. To put it quite simply, Arlo are a four-piece power-pop combo with an ear for a catchy tune. They come racing out of the gate at top speed and don't reduce their pace until the last song comes to a close 39 minutes later. Stab The Unstoppable Hero is an unrelenting album that wins you over by sheer force and charm; it is an immediately likeable record that is a definite improvement over its predecessor. With three band members each contributing songs, there's always the possibility that there will be a clash of styles, but fortunately that isn't the case with Arlo. All three write damn good songs and you'll be hard-pressed to work out who scribed what song. With equal parts inspiration from the '60s and the '70s, Stab The Unstoppable Hero deserves to be adored by any fans of guitar pop. Plus, it also has one of the most entertaining record covers I've seen in a long time. (Sub Pop)