Arkells "I Want You Back" (Jackson 5 cover)

Arkells 'I Want You Back' (Jackson 5 cover)
Not only will Arkells perform a set of original tunes tomorrow (July 5) at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival, they will also play a Motown Revue. This will feature some of the band's favourite old soul tunes, and they have shared a taste of what's in store by covering Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

This version of the classic 1969 song is relatively true to the joyous, tuneful spirit of the original. Of course, this is Arkells we're talking about, meaning that they add a significant dose of rock'n'roll grit.

In an announcement about the Motown Revue, the band wrote, "Throughout the last few years we've learned some of our favourites and played our ragged rock and roll interpretations of these classics at bars and clubs in between Arkells shows while on the road. We thought it would be fun for once to combine the two sets together while we were in our neck of the woods and play both sets at one show. It's gonna be a sweaty, summer dance party."