Ariel Pink Digs into the Vault for First FF>> Vinyl Release

Ariel Pink Digs into the Vault for First <i>FF>></i> Vinyl Release
Ariel Pink is a completist's nightmare. Along with putting out albums through labels like 4AD and Paw Tracks, the lo-fi master has self-released countless records, many of which are still commercially unavailable. One of these many releases is FF>>, which was initially issued as a double album along with Scared Famous (the two albums were later compiled onto one album, also called Scared Famous). Now, FF>> has received a standalone vinyl release via Gloriette Records.

The material on FF>> was recorded in 2000-2001, and originally came out on cassette. The new double LP version will mark the first time it has ever been available on vinyl. It contains three tracks co-written with mentor (and home recording pioneer) R. Stevie Moore.

Gloriette Records has previously released albums by other Los Angeles-based lo-fi acts Puro Instinct and Nite Jewel. FF>> will set you back $22 (U.S.), plus shipping and handling.

Thanks to MBV for the heads-up. 


1. "Intro/Where Does the Mind Go"
2. "Twenty Two Eyes"
3. "Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?"
4. "Inmates Of Heartache"
5. "Make Room For Harry"
6. "The List (My Favorite Song)"
7. "My Molly"
8. "Howling At the Moon"
9. "Beefbud"
10. "A Tomb All Your Own"
11. "Victor"
12. "The Kitchen Club"
13. "The Lament of Edward Boggles"
14. "Crying"
15. "Talking All the Time"
16. "Girl in a Tree"
17. "Jesus Christ Came to Me in a Dream"
18. "One More Time"
19. "May the Music Never Die"