Soko "Lovetrap" (ft. Ariel Pink) (video)

Soko 'Lovetrap' (ft. Ariel Pink) (video)
Ariel Pink made some enemies last year with his controversial interview comments, but evidently he's still buddies with French singer Soko, since he made a guest appearance on her new album My Dreams Dictate My Reality. Their collaborative track "Lovetrap" has now got a video.

The song is a dreamy, quirky pop ditty that bears Pink's distinctive stamp, and Soko makes reference to one of her collaborator's songs when she sings, "'Kinski Assassin' blew a hole in my chest."

In the accompanying video, Soko skulks around town chain-smoking and acting erratically in what's possibly meant to be an over-the-top impression of Pink. This leads her to a Soko concert where she has a surreal conversation with, well, herself.

Watch the self-directed clip below, and keep your eyes peeled for an appearance from the real Pink.