​Ariana Grande Tried to Fix Her "7 rings" Tattoo Typo and Made It Even Worse

​Ariana Grande Tried to Fix Her '7 rings' Tattoo Typo and Made It Even Worse
Ariana Grande recently revealed her "7 rings"-inspired Japanese tattoo, only to be told it actually spelled out the name of a small charcoal barbecue. The singer received advice from a Kanji translator on how to improve the tattoo — then ignored the advice and made the typo even more hilarious.
As previously reported, Grande got the Kanji letters "七輪" inked on her palm, which read as "shichirin," a type of small Japanese charcoal grill.
Consulting with her "tutor" Ayumi, Grande was told to insert the character for "finger" (指) above and in between the existing characters. Instead, Grande inked the symbol directly below the existing tattoo and added a heart symbol beside it.

She revealed the updated tattoo in a since-deleted Instagram story, with the message, "rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. i actually really liked u."

As BuzzFeed points out, because Japanese is read vertically, her tattoo should read "輪♡七指 " — but because that doesn't make sense in Japanese, it would likely be read left to right as "七輪指♡."
Unfortunately for Grande, rather than reading "7 rings" as originally intended, that new translation now reads: "Japanese BBQ finger ♡."
A lot of people are pointing it out as a painful and permanent lesson as to why cultural appropriation is a bad idea.
See some of the not-so-sympathetic reactions below.