Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga Warn Fans of Dangers of Coronavirus

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have also weighed in
Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga Warn Fans of Dangers of Coronavirus
A growing number of pop stars are urging their fans to take the dangers of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 more seriously, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.
Swift took to her Instagram stories to urge her followers to cancel plans and stop attending parties and group hangouts.
"This is the time to cancel plans, actually truly isolate as much as you can, and don't assume that because you don't feel sick that you aren't possibly passing something on to someone elderly or vulnerable to this," she wrote. "It's a really scary time but we need to make social sacrifices right now."

Grande also condemned followers who were brushing off the dangers by saying "This isn't a big deal" or "We'll be fine."
"It is incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation that lightly," Grande wrote in an Instagram post later shared to Twitter. "The 'we will be fine because we're young' mindset is putting people who aren't young and/or healthy in a lot of danger. You sound stupid and privileged and you need to care more about others. Like now."

Grande went on to encourage her American followers to call their senators to support bill H.R.6201, which would provide financial support to those unable to work due to the coronavirus or related isolation measures.
Lady Gaga also chimed in on the pandemic, explaining she was following scientists' recommendations and self-isolating and avoiding group gatherings and people over the age of 65.
She also suggested that her fans meet the global crisis with kindness.
"We can't do this without kindness. And corona virus is not prejudiced," she wrote on Instagram. "My thought for the day is to accept there will be times we feel powerless and out of control — but we can fill that space with kindness and be a part of the solution to a world problem. We then have control. We can create healing by learning how to be kind and take care of each other and ourselves during this time."


Miley Cyrus also put her two cents in, sharing clips from a particularly relevant Hannah Montana episode. Joking aside, though, she urged her followers to ease up on the panic-buying and to make sure everyone has enough supplies to get them through the pandemic.
"NO ONE needs every soup in the store," Cyrus wrote on Instagram. "The more we hoard the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials. This is a great time to practice restraint... it's incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while panicking, but think twice before following the fear and being inconsiderate. There is enough to go around if we take care of one another. This is a beautiful time to LEAD!"

Day 2 Quarantine. This is the REAL ME. RIGHT NOW. 😷🧼🧹🛀🦠🧽🧻

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Justin Bieber also weighed in, sharing a video clip of isolated Europeans performing music from their balconies and reminding his fans to stay isolated and away from parents, grandparents and friends who may have compromised immune systems.

Canadians can find up-to-date public health information on the COVID-19 outbreak here.