Architects / Structures / A Sight for Sewn Eyes Michael's Bar and Grill, Halifax NS August 11

Architects / Structures / A Sight for Sewn Eyes Michael's Bar and Grill, Halifax NS August 11
It's the cold, hard, simple truth that for any British band to make it worldwide, they have to conquer North America first. Such is the case with Brighton's post-hardcore goliaths Architects, a group who regularly sell out amphitheatres and arenas in the UK but have yet to make a big splash across the pond.

Nonetheless, the band continued their now annual onslaught of Canada, moving up from the cramped quarters of Halifax mainstay Gus's Pub to the much larger Michael's Bar and Grill.

The show started late, with 150 odd metal fans in their early 20s catching Halifax's A Sight for Sewn Eyes, who happened to be celebrating their album release. After a surprisingly quick set, Toronto's Structures stormed the stage, followed by a chaotic frenzy of agro dudes ripping off their shirts and moshing to the band's nihilistic metal.

Following a short break, the sizable crowd surged to the front of the stage as headliners Architects entered the venue to a sampled gothic orchestral number that added a sense of darkness for the impending punishing set.

It was easy to tell the group had matured a lot in the four years since they first crossed the pond to play the Halifax Pop Explosion. Gone were the overly straightened hairdos and skinny jeans -- well, kind of. In their place were five men, covered in tattoos, ready to seriously throw down for the first show of their Canadian tour.

As Architects kicked into their first song, singer Sam Carter bounded across the stage, climbing benches and tables as he wailed relentlessly into the mic. The band plundered their back catalogue, performing an immaculate version of "Day In Day Out" from 2011's The Here and Now and melodic standards from the recently released Daybreaker. The crowd kept up their energy and were glued to every riff, even singing along when the power blew out the PA on two separate occasions.

After playing for a little over an hour, Carter promised one last song from the band and the fans took it at face value, rushing out of the venue before there was any chance of an encore. It may take a few more years before Architects really get noticed over here, but after the night's performance, it was clear they've laid a strong foundation for years to come.