Arcade Fire's Win Butler Adds Opposition to Wyclef Jean's Haitian Presidential Plans

Arcade Fire's Win Butler Adds Opposition to Wyclef Jean's Haitian Presidential Plans
Ever since Wyclef Jean confirmed his intention to run for president of Haiti, he's been dogged by a multitude of dissenters pointing out a variety of reasons why the former Fugee does not have the means to run the earthquake-ravaged country. Now, Arcade Fire's Win Butler has added his ever-thoughtful voice to the fray.

In a quotation from an interview with Sirius XMU and pointed out by Pitchfork, Butler stated:

Technically, [Wyclef Jean] shouldn't be eligible because he hasn't been a resident of Haiti. And I think him not speaking French and not being fluent in Creole would be a really major issue in trying to run a really complex government, like the government in Haiti. It would kind of be like Arnold Schwarzenegger only speaking Austrian and being elected president of the United States after New York City and L.A. had burned to the ground... I think he is a great musician and he really passionately cares about Haiti. I really hope he throws his support behind someone who is really competent and really eligible.

Besides added opposition from Sean Penn, who is currently in Haiti helping in relief efforts, and original Fugees bandmate Pras, Jean has also received a number of threats, including an anonymous phone call in which he received a message telling him to leave Haiti or die, according to CBC.

Jean will seek approval for his presidential run tomorrow (August 20), but if denied, has plans to continue supporting Haiti in any way he can. In a CBC interview, Jean says: "If after Friday, we're not approved, I will continue doing what I've been doing in Haiti. I'm coming back and forth, but we will be respected as a political force. The important thing is that, I hope, that we can be part of the big plan that is for Haiti."

If you have any doubts about Butler's commitment to the Haitian cause, click here for assurance.