Arcade Fire Reveal Tracklist for 'Everything Now'

Arcade Fire Reveal Tracklist for 'Everything Now'
Arcade Fire perviously hinted at the song titles for Everything Now with a series of anagrams, but in case you weren't able to figure them all out, the band have now released the official tracklist.

You can find the complete listing below, along with a video that brings the album cover and its neon ticker to life. Everything Now arrives July 28 via Columbia.

The band also shared an 11-second teaser for their next music video. Watch the brief clip from "Signs of Life" below.

Everything Now:

1. Everything_Now (continued)
2. Everything Now
3. Signs of Life
4. Creature Comfort
5. Peter Pan
6. Chemistry
7. Infinite Content
8. Infinite_Content
9. Electric Blue
10. Good God Damn
11. Put Your Money on Me
12. We Don't Deserve Love
13. Everything Now (continued)
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