Arcade Fire Reveal 'Everything Now' Song Titles via Anagrams

Get ready for "Rectum, Roofer, Cat" and "Electric Lube"
Arcade Fire Reveal 'Everything Now' Song Titles via Anagrams
Arcade Fire have already announced their new album Everything Now, but that doesn't mean that the cryptic teasers will be coming to an end just yet. Today (June 3), a Twitter account associated with the band began releasing the tracklist, but with a twist: all of the song titles are presented as anagrams.

This means that, in order to figure out what the songs are actually called, you'll need to interpret faux titles like "Rectum, Roofer, Cat" and "Electric Lube." It seems that the single "Everything Now" is going to be track 2, which has been assigned the anagram "Worthy Evening."

Interestingly, the anagram tracklist almost exactly matches a rumoured tracklist that was posted earlier on Reddit.

Below, read the list of track anagrams. The Twitter spree also includes a supposed argument between the accounts @EverythingNowCo and @arcadefire (plus band member Richard Reed Parry). Stay tuned for Everything Now to arrive on July 28 via Columbia.

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