Arcade Fire Opening Haitian Restaurant in Montreal

Arcade Fire Opening Haitian Restaurant in Montreal
Arcade Fire have long had a close relationship with Haiti; founding member Régine Chassagne's family hails from Haiti, and the group have made charitable contributions to the Caribbean nation. Now, Chassagne and her husband/bandmate Win Butler have announced plans to open a Haitian restaurant in Montreal.

The new venture is called Agrikol and it's due to open this summer. They're opening it in collaboration with Roland Jean and Jen Agg, who own the Haitian restaurant Rhum Corner in Toronto. The project began when the Arcade Fire members visited Rhum Corner.

Butler told The Globe & Mail, "It's more of an art project. The idea is that it's a cultural space. The thing that we were really impressed with at Rhum Corner is that it's this space for Haitian and Caribbean culture and it's really cool and contemporary." He added that Agrikol will channel the "cultural warmth" of Haiti.

As for the edibles, Agg said, "It will be presented slightly differently, but the food and flavours are really authentic."

This restaurant is a logical step for Arcade Fire. After all, Butler released his own line of Haitian coffee a few months back.

Arcade Fire aren't the first musicians to get behind a Montreal restaurant. Famed smoked meat deli Schwartz's is co-owned by Celine Dion.