Arcade Fire License "Wake Up" to NFL for Haiti Relief

Arcade Fire License 'Wake Up' to NFL for Haiti Relief
Arcade Fire are really taking this Haiti relief effort seriously. Besides their open letter urging fans to donate and Régine Chassagne's stirring editorial, the band are putting their music where their mouths are. In an effort to raise funds for the Partners in Health charity, the band have licensed their wildly successful single "Wake Up" to the NFL.

For the upcoming Superbowl weekend, and subsequent broadcasts, the NFL can use "Wake Up" as they please. All proceeds from the single will then be donated directly to Haiti relief, and considering how much of a cash cow the Superbowl is, the proceeds will surely be high.

 For a band with the "indie cool" that Arcade Fire carry, this is both an act of humility and an interesting technique for licensing music to mainstream circles that would otherwise be scoffed at. But who knows? Maybe this will set a new standard for bands' charitable initiatives.