Arcade Fire Issue Statement on 'Reflektor' Tour Dress Code: "It's Super Not Mandatory"

Arcade Fire Issue Statement on 'Reflektor' Tour Dress Code: 'It's Super Not Mandatory'
Arcade Fire recently ruffled their fans' feathers when they announced a dress code for their upcoming North American tour. If you had a panic attack over the idea of wearing formal attire to a stadium show, take a few breaths, as the band have now been forced to announce that the code isn't that strict.

Earlier today (November 20), the band posted a response to the fan furor on their Facebook page, confirming that everyone can wear whatever the hell they want to their upcoming concerts. It reads:

To everyone really upset about us asking people to dress up at our shows… please relax. It's super not mandatory. It just makes for a more fun carnival when we are all in it together. So far these have been the best shows we have ever played.

See you soon.
Arcade Fire

The logistical nightmare that would have been turning away anyone not in black tie or ball gowns should have been a tip off, but there you have it, folks. You're more than welcome to sing along to all the new Reflektor cuts in your dirtiest pair of sweats.

As previously reported, the band's itinerary has them hitting Canadian venues in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Montreal. You'll find the details to the spring/summer trip here.