Arcade Fire, Beirut, LCD Soundsystem Members Form Team B

Arcade Fire, Beirut, LCD Soundsystem Members Form Team B
Several A-listers from Arcade Fire, Beirut and LCD Soundsystem have broken away to form a newfangled offshoot. Dubbed Team B, the band are the new musical endeavour of Arcade Fire trumpeter Kelly Pratt, and also includes fellow Arcade Firer Richard Reed Parry, Beirut’s Jon Natchez and Perri Cloutier, and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney, all of whom make the group seem more than just a little super.

Team B have not yet secured a record deal but they have just released their self-titled debut full-length via their MySpace page, which you can order here. The band have also lined up their first show and if you are in the NYC area, you can catch them on November tenth at the Union Pool in Williamsburg.

To get a taste of what Team B have to offer, the band have released a few tracks online (which can be heard here), and by the thick bossa nova accents on everything it seems the band members are taking big steps away from their respective projects, but in a good way.

In related news, Stereogum (who alerted us to Team B) have pointed to a recent blog post by David Byrne, where the Talking Head writes Arcade Fire are "in the very early stages of beginning a new recording."

And while this new Arcade Fire effort likely won’t be dropping anytime soon, here is Team B’s live line-up, which is happening now:

Kelly Pratt (Beirut, Arcade Fire)
Tracy Pratt (Beirut)
Ryan Smith (Twin Thousands, Stars Like Fleas)
Jon Natchez (Beirut, Stars Like Fleas)
Jason Poranski (Beirut, FreeTime)
Mike Fadem (Jealous Girlfriends)