Arcade Fire "This May Be the Last Time" / "The Last Time" (ft. Mavis Staples) (live video)

Arcade Fire 'This May Be the Last Time' / 'The Last Time' (ft. Mavis Staples) (live video)
As their Reflektor tour winds down, Arcade Fire continue to honour the cities they stop in with covers of local artists. Last night's (August 27) Chicago audience got the real deal with soul legend Mavis Staples joining the band on stage for a rendition of her classic "This May Be the Last Time."

It rolled seamlessly into a joint performance of the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time," who may not be from Chicago, but with wordplay like that, who cares? Arcade Fire will play in Toronto tomorrow (August 29) before wrapping the tour in their hometown of Montreal on Saturday (August 30).

You can see those tour details here and watch Staples' perform with the band below.