Arcade Fire "Get Right" (live)

Arcade Fire 'Get Right' (live)
Last year, Arcade Fire promoted their then-impending album Reflektor with a television commercial featuring a song that didn't actually appear on that album. Now, a live recording of the full song — which is labelled "Get Right," although we're not entirely sure if this is the official title — has emerged online.

The recording was posted by Arcade Fire Tube. The sound quality is extremely rough, but listeners can get the general idea of the song. It begins as a steadily stomping blues rock number and turns into a dramatically synth-filled jam.

Hear it below. It's available to download here.

According to, they played this one a couple of times in Montreal last year and never since.

UPDATE: Perhaps in response to the song leaking, Arcade Fire played "Get Right" live at Columbus, OH, on April 29. You can watch the performance at the bottom of the page.