Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat Returns with Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers

Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat Returns with <i>Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers</i>
Since disbanding Arab Strap in 2007, frontman Aidan Moffat has had his hand in a variety of interesting projects, from work with his band the Best Ofs to his very own sex column. Now, the endlessly horny singer-songwriter has announced a new record called Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers. In keeping with his sexual themes, the album's cover features a buck-naked couple, presumably about to get it on in a park.

According to a post on Moffat's site, Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers is exactly that: a collection of ten tracks that are short enough to fit on a 45 rpm seven-inch single. But despite the short length, the Moffat camp is still calling this one an album.

"There is a reason for this, and it's a rather underdeveloped theory about the modern consumer's attention span and the decline of the album as artistic platform as the music industry becomes more focused on singles," the press release reads. "But far more important than all that bollocks is the fact that it's jolly good fun and surprisingly moving in parts. It makes you wonder whether all albums should be 9 minutes long."

The Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers seven-inch will be released on October 25 via Chemikal Underground in the UK. At this point, a North American release has not been announced, so you may want to pay the import fees. A digital download of the album will be available in November. Album track "Whisper It" is available for streaming below.

Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers:

1. "Number On My Hand"

2. "Less Than Three"

3. "Sort It Out"

4. "Mizzle"

5. "Whisper It"

6. "Buckfast Beauty"

7. "Roar"

8. "Buttoned"

9. "Twice"

10. "End Of The Night"