​AraabMuzik Offers a "Rollercoast of Styles" on 'Dream World' and Reveals Upcoming Collaborations

​AraabMuzik Offers a 'Rollercoast of Styles' on 'Dream World' and Reveals Upcoming Collaborations
Photo: William Bond
Five years after the release of his debut full-length Electronic Dream, AraabMuzik just released its follow-up, Dream World, through Empire Distribution. But the Rhode Island beatmaker hasn't been silent during that half-decade — his prolific recent output has included three mixtapes, a remix collection and two EPs in the last four years.

His most recent release, the Goon Loops EP, saw AraabMuzik moving away from his hip-hop origins and into more EDM-inspired sounds — it turned out to be a tease of what Dream World has to offer, a borderless blend of genres and moods that focuses heavily on dance, pop and house music, alongside his typical low-end beats.

"This one definitely has a different feel than Electronic Dream," AraabMuzik tells Exclaim! "It's more a different mixture of styles of music, and they also have original vocalists on a couple tracks and a couple of different producers on different songs. I don't like giving people just one side of me, I wanted to make the album interesting, colourful, something different."

Bringing in a slew of guest vocalists and producers to help craft the album's diverse feel; for that, he dipped far into the underground, collaborating with up-and-comers like Phear Phace, Mavati, WattzBeatz and Raiche.

"With this album I just went with the people that I wanted to work with. On Electronic Dream, the songs all had the same type of feel and style, but for this one I kinda wanted to give them a little bit of hip-hop, pop, dance, R&B, a couple of house tracks. I wanted to show how versatile I can be. I wanted to give them a rollercoaster of different styles."

But the fertile producer plans to work with more established musicians in the near future, saying, "For my next album I want to do something I haven't done before, working with big-name artists, and the next one could be more of a hip-hop album than electronic-y."

Those will come after some already completed collaborations are revealed. "!llmind and I have an album coming out — it's a collaboration production EP, it should be out soon. I also have a project with Joe Budden, it's being mastered as we speak — it should be out by late August," he reveals. "I have a lot of weapons coming out this summer."

Check out AraabMuzik's Dream World single, "Day Dreams" below.