Apple Announces New iPods

Apple Announces New iPods
Many believed the age of the iPod was over, but Apple will hold on to the iconic music player for at least one more batch. Today (July 15), the company has announced the next line of iPods.

As Buzzfeed News reports, the iPod will survive for another round of the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. New colours include variations on gold, pink and blue, while they'll all still be available in silver, grey and red.

The iPod Touch has been beefed up in technical specs, with improved processing speed and better Wi-Fi connectivity. It's also got a motion-capturing chip, so it can track physical activity. Finally, it has an eight megapixel camera.

"As much as we love selling iPhones, we know not everybody has one already," an Apple rep said to Buzzfeed. "They might decide the iPod Touch is a better starting point for them."

No word yet on how many free U2 albums will come with these new iPods, but they're expected to hit Apple stores soon.