Appian 'Aprileft' (album stream)

Appian 'Aprileft' (album stream)
Detroit native Malcolm MacLachlan has been gaining momentum in the world of electronic music under his Appian moniker. He's set to launch his latest LP Aprileft early next month, but has set up advanced stream of the album for your listening pleasure.
In what he describes as "uptempo space-funk," Appian delivers a sound that has been influenced by everything from deep house and techno, to disco, boogie and electro — not to mention the "patented hi-tech soul" of his hometown.
His 2012 debut EP Endomusia was an exploration of abstract sound, and while the new record continues to carve out new musical landscapes, it's a more cohesive effort — which, according to a press release, "explores a higher echelon of the artist's cosmic-tinged sound."
There's definitely an out-of-this-world motif running through Aprileft, on pieces like "Hyperspace Dreams," "Space Beat" and "Satellite," while the sense of sonic adventure is present on tracks like "Digital Fantasy" and "Transient Explorer."
The themes and influences meld together seamlessly on Aprileft, resulting in a polished, engaging and interesting final product. That final product officially arrives on February 2 via Phuture Shock Musik, but you can give it a listen right now in the player below.