Apollo Ghosts to Switch Up Their Formula with New LP, Unconventional Releases, "Open Source" Membership

Apollo Ghosts to Switch Up Their Formula with New LP, Unconventional Releases, 'Open Source' Membership
We already knew that Vancouver jangle punk trio Apollo Ghosts would be experimenting with some unconventional album formats, as the band just released a short story book called For What They Do, They Do alongside an EP this Monday (May 30). But it turns out that the book is just the beginning of the outfit's boundary-pushing release plans, as they're currently gearing up for a series of oddball singles.

"I'd like to start doing some stranger releases," frontman Adrian Teacher tells Exclaim! while digging into a bowl of noodles at an East Vancouver pho restaurant. "Maybe some web quests or physical quests that people would have to go on to find download codes."

So what exactly will these quests for download codes entail? "Some of them might be international," Teacher explains. "I might have a friend that's living in Korea spray paint a download code somewhere under a bridge. Or maybe I'll have a friend in Calgary do the same thing. Or maybe it'll be a milk bottle that has a USB [stick] inside of it that I'll throw off into the ocean."

It's an unconventional way to release songs, for sure, but the singer-guitarist says that this is a natural response to the recent shift away from CDs and physical mediums. "I just like the idea of making it an art project," he notes.

Before the outlandish song series begins, Apollo Ghosts will be dropping one more standard release: a five-track seven-inch record entitled Money Has No Heart, due out July 8. Of the sound of the new material, Teacher reveals, "The guitar is tuned down two steps so it sounds a little chunkier. I use some effects pedals, which I've never done before. They've also been recorded with a little bit more reverb."

As for the material included on For What They Do, They Do, Teacher says, "It will have our longest song to date ["Day of Glory"], which is over three minutes -- almost four minutes -- and our shortest song ["A Spot to Remember (We Have Finally Found Our Place in the Sun)"], which is nine seconds."

Apollo Ghosts will continue to mix up their sound in the coming months. The band's long-term goal is to hunker down with producers John Collins and David Carswell at JC/DC Studios to record a new full-length. While past LPs have been cut in a matter of days, this new album could take as long as a year to complete. While plans are still tentative, Teacher believes the recordings will be "big and lush and hopefully really fun."

Not only will they be abandoning their usual live-off-the-floor style, the group could acquire some new members in the near future. Teacher believes that Apollo Ghosts may become "more of an open-source band," with a large cast of contributors and collaborators. "My goal is to be able to not have to play guitar as much, and be able to just have fun singing. Get into more mischief that way," he says.

While it's still up in the air as to exactly what shape the band's upcoming experiments will take, one thing is certain: Apollo Ghosts will be giving fans plenty of reasons to get excited in the coming months.

Listen to For What They Do, They Do below, and order the short story book here.