Apollo Ghosts Head to Mount Benson on New Full-Length

Apollo Ghosts Head to <i>Mount Benson</i> on New Full-Length
Pop-rockin' indie trio Apollo Ghosts already have an excellent full-length album, Hasting Sunrise, and follow-up EP Forgotten Triangle under their belts. Combine that with a killer live show, and the Adrian Teacher-led outfit have quickly made a name for themselves in their local Vancouver scene. Now, they'll be looking past their city borders on the group's upcoming second album.

Titled Mount Benson, the album is poised to fully break the band into a wider audience. Based on an album preview featured on the band's MySpace page, the 13-track album will continue to demonstrate Apollo Ghosts ability to push addictive hooks through off-kilter arrangements.

On top of the MySpace sample, album track "Things You Go Through" can be downloaded here. Fans of Apollo Ghosts should also note that the band just released a limited split seven-inch with fellow Vancouverites Role Mach on the great Geographing imprint.

Also, Apollo Ghosts are gearing up for a cross-country jaunt in support of Mount Benson. Most dates are still TBA, but you can check the itinerary here.

To get you thinking a bit more about what this album has in store, here's a little cut-and-paste from the press release: "An ode to the hard-scrabble city of Nanaimo, BC, Mount Benson divulges the dark secrets of this luckless Vancouver Island town, a demystification on par with revealing the Masonic Handshake. Is the song 'Wakesiah' just a tribute to a street above a former coal mine or really about a former lover? How dangerous can it be to swim in Witchcraft Lake? Who are the Sons of Norway? Is this all actually a ploy to reveal why former eccentric mayor, Frank Ney, wore pirate suits and rode in bathtubs across the Strait of Georgia?"

Mount Benson:

1. "Wakesiah"
2. "Charms of Cars"
3. "Coka-Cola Admen"
4. "To: A Friend Who Has Been Through A War"
5. "Witchcraft Lake"
6. "Brown to Grey"
7. "Samurai Chatter"
8. "Sons of Norway"
9. "Hub City"
10. "Salmon Capital"
11. "Attaquez! Attaquez! Attaquez!"
12. "Things You Go Through"
13. "Snow on Mount Benson"