Apollo Ghosts "Honky Tonk's Blue Christmas"

Apollo Ghosts 'Honky Tonk's Blue Christmas'
It's been a few months since we heard anything from Vancouver, BC jangle-punks Apollo Ghosts. Clearly, singer Adrian Teacher isn't letting his recent gear theft get him down too much, since he and his band teamed up with ECCW wrestler the Honky Tonk Kid for a version of countrified holiday classic "Blue Christmas."

In an email to fans, Teacher wrote this of the reverb-soaked cover, which has been titled "Honky Tonk's Blue Christmas": "The band recently flew to Memphis with Honky Tonk and visited Graceland. It was during a few beers in the Meditation Garden (where Elvis is buried) that they decided to cover 'Blue Christmas' They went back to the hotel, fired up the reel-to-reel, and recorded the saddest of all Christmas duets."

Stream or download it below to hear Honk Tonk's impressively accurate Elvis imitation.

Teacher added that Apollo Ghosts have a new full-length on the way in early 2012. As previously promised, the band have undergone some lineup changes as of late, as bassist Jay O. has been playing guitar while newcomer Jarrett K. fills in on the four-string.