Richard D. James Shares Rare Aphex Twin Tracks and His Son's Music, Weighs Back In on 9/11

Richard D. James Shares Rare Aphex Twin Tracks and His Son's Music, Weighs Back In on 9/11
Just the other month, Richard D. James released his much-loved Aphex Twin album Syro, but in case that wasn't enough for fans, he's uploaded a bevy of rare and previously unreleased music today (November 3), as well as music from his young son. Along the way, though, he's also shared some more of his opinions on 9/11.

Speaking with Noyzelab, James said that Syro got its name from his eight-year-old son, who he says "looked at me one morning and said syrobonkus, I asked him what it meant he said he didn't know."

As for his younger son, the six-year-old is already making his own music. James said that the little guy made it using Renoise. He taught himself how to use it without any tuition from his dad, and most of the material was made when he was five.

Below, listen to four tracks. All of them are short and very strange, with an emphasis on hyperactive production. It's not exactly refined, but it's pretty damn good for a six-year-old.

Excitingly, James also shared some rare material of his own and uploaded a pile of new material on his SoundCloud. Listen to a few cuts at the bottom of this page. Interestingly, "Spectrum 48k Beats1q-Pbod" was made when Aphex was around 15 or 16 years old.

Of course, it's well known that the producer has troves of unreleased music in his vaults. Unfortunately, he said this about the possibility of releasing some of it:

It's kind of a bit depressing really, as Warp just told me if I give them something completed by the end of this week, it will be out in January! Fuck me, thats a long wait; it's this kind of thing that stops me wanting to release anything. It's like okay we're on a roll now lets get something out next week, then couple weeks after that, a few weeks after that, etc. It just doesn't fill me with excitement to want to put anything out.

The interview also includes some comments on 9/11 that are bound to make some people uncomfortable. James argued, "I'm really, really sorry to all folks who might be reading this, but if you believe the ridiculous story that is being pedalled about 9/11 from the mainstream media, then you are absolutely gullible. Some very clever people are also very naive and very gullible, they are not nasty people but very trusting and they're good nature is being taken advantage of."

He added, "Anyway, yeah, 9/11 is just the tip of the iceberg isn't it, but how do you break this strangle hold on humanity? Well, you have to start somewhere to break the illusion and 9/11 is a pretty big weak point in the illusion, but still so many are fooled... we live in hope."

Read the lengthy interview here [via Stereogum].