Aphex Twin Plans to Release "at Least a Couple More Albums, Some EPs"

Aphex Twin Plans to Release 'at Least a Couple More Albums, Some EPs'
Aphex Twin's troves of unheard material are the stuff of legend, and with the electronic icon finally set to return with Syro this month, he's apparently got more releases on the horizon.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Richard D. James called Syro's 12 tracks "about a fifth of what I've done in the last 10 years." James explained that he often doesn't get around to releasing his collections because he's too busy creating new ones, but he had this to say about the prospect of putting out more albums:

I'm in that mode now, so hopefully I'll stay in it for a while. I've got a few more things planned — at least a couple more albums, some EPs, things like that. Some more dance-y things I did about 10 years ago. Experimental things, noise things, weird things. Shitloads of stuff. They're all pretty much ready to go. I haven't mastered them yet, but I should get that done pretty quick.

As to the reason for this sudden stream of new material, James said that the fan-funded campaign to release Caustic Window was "really touching" and helped to "kickstart [him] into action."

Elsewhere in the interview, James said that he's "feeling really horny" about his new album, and he described the process of releasing music as a "real ball-ache." If his plans to release more albums pan out, he might have lots more ball-aches in the future.

Syro is set to arrive on September 23 via Warp.