Aphex Twin "Avril 14th" (alternate version)

Aphex Twin 'Avril 14th' (alternate version)
"Avril 14th" is a quiet piano piece from Aphex Twin's 2001 album Drukqs, and now the esteemed beatmaker has rolled out an alternate version as part of his ongoing trickle of SoundCloud releases.

This new version is titled "avril altdelay," and it appeared on an anonymous SoundCloud account dubbed user18081971 (which is also home to lots of other extra material). Like the original version of the track, the song is a minimal piano composition, but this time around, it relies on atmospheric echo rather than simple, unadorned tinkling.

Listen to both versions below. Remember that the original take of "Avril 14th" is the basis for Kanye West's song "Blame Game."

Aphex Twin has been very productive as of late. For an introduction to his daunting discography, read Exclaim!'s recent Essential Guide to Richard D. James.