Apex Shrine "Smooth Creation"

Apex Shrine 'Smooth Creation'
St. Louis-based psych-rockers Apex Shrine are ready to release their debut LP Home Baked next month, but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of album cut "Smooth Creation."
The band take their name from the intersection of Apex and Shrine in their hometown — where they practice, record, smoke and drink — but their good old Southern American roots extend beyond the name and into their sound. Harkening back to the classic rock greats, Apex Shrine approach vintage rock'n'roll with a fresh and modern (if a little pot-addled) mindset.
"Smooth Creation" is a perfect example of this, weaving together groovy guitar lines and fuzzy vocal harmonies to deliver what the band describe as "feel-good" and "feel-bad" music.
The home-recorded Home Baked is out digitally in April, but you can give "Smooth Creation" a listen in the player below, right now.