A$AP Rocky Sheds More Light on "Druggy, Ambient" Instrumental Album

A$AP Rocky Sheds More Light on 'Druggy, Ambient' Instrumental Album
Early this spring, Harlem rap sensation A$AP Rocky announced plans to show off his production talents with an instrumental album of his own beats. Now, he's confirmed some of the details of the impending collection.

He told MTV [via FACT] that it will be called Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1.

Rocky explained, "Everything is like classical beautiful music and boom-bap Wu-Tang shit mixed together. It's slowed down and it's real vibey, with no lyrics. I feel like it's gonna get people through the summer."

He additionally described the release as "really druggy, ambient shit" and promised that it's "actually good."

The album will come out as a free digital download, but Rocky noted that it shouldn't be considered a mixtape. "I'm not looking to put it out," he said, "I'm just gonna drop it for free online and I'ma have visuals to it. It's gonna be like a real album, but it's gonna be free."

There's no word as exactly when it's going to come out, and Rocky previously promised that he would share it online without announcing a date ahead of time. That said, if it's going to "get people through the summer," it surely must be coming out within the next couple of months.

Note that Rocky co-produced a few songs on this year's LongLiveA$AP under the pseudonym Lord Flacko.