AOL Music Reportedly Shutting Down and Laying Off Entire Staff

AOL Music Reportedly Shutting Down and Laying Off Entire Staff
It's been a troubling day for online entertainment media, as it's been reported that AOL Music is shutting down and laying off its staff in the process, bringing the end to music sites such as Spinner and Noisecreep.

Details have yet to arrive behind the decision, but the move was confirmed in separate goodbye tweets from Spinner and Noisecreep. "All of AOL Music is shutting down. Thank you for all your support. We had such a blast," wrote the post from Spinner, though it was later taken down.

Editor Dan Reilly gave a bit more insight into the situation over a series of tweets, writing, "Well, we all just got laid off. AOL Music is finished. Sitting in an HR meeting right now, trying to negotiate keeping our computers for a few more days."

Despite the staff losing their jobs, Reilly lightened the mood slightly by adding, "Well, at least I found a good reason to finish off the whiskey at my desk."

Spinner was founded as an internet radio station in the mid '90s before being picked up by AOL in the summer of 1999.

As for Noisecreep, AOL's metal and hard rock entertainment site since 2009, the publication tweeted, "We're sad to say that our site is shutting down. We'd like to thank EVERYONE for the years of support!"

While neither hip-hop branch the BoomBox nor country site the Boot has weighed in on the status of the sites, presumably these publications are being shut down as well.

AOL has yet to make a formal announcement about the closure or alleged layoffs.