Anvil + Dead Man's Bones = New D-Sisive Track

Anvil + Dead Man's Bones = New D-Sisive Track
Back in the early days of rap, beatmakers could sample at will, taking from other artists' work without fear of getting sued. Those days are over, but don't tell that to Canadian MC D-Sisive, who describes his latest track as "one delicious lawsuit waiting to happen." (Although, to be more accurate, it actually sounds like multiple delicious lawsuits waiting to happen.)

The song is called "Anvil," and takes its name from the numerous spoken word samples from the documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Meanwhile, the chorus, chord progression and tinkling piano were taken from "Werewolf Heart" by Dead Man's Bones, the creepy rock outfit featuring Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

As for what inspired his choice of samples, the rapper explained, "Many things inspired me in 2009, but not all moved me the way Anvil! The Story of Anvil (documentary) and Dead Man's Bones (LP) did. I knew I had to involve the two in my own work somehow."

With its mixture of self-deprecating rhymes and introspective spoken word clips, "Anvil" uses a similar formula to D-Sisive's breakthrough hit "Brian Wilson." Its slow-burning tempo means that it's not likely to fill nightclub dance floors anytime soon, but its sombre tone makes it perfect for late night listening. And it's not every day you get to hear a rapper describe his lyrics as "the dildo to my strings."

Download the "Anvil" MP3 for free here.