The Antlers' Darby Cicci Goes Solo for EP as School of Night

The Antlers' Darby Cicci Goes Solo for EP as School of Night
Last year, the Antlers released Undersea, a mini-collection that was said to be "an EP in length, but well beyond that in scope." Now, band member Darby Cicci is ready to release another EP, this one under his solo pseudonym School of Night. The self-titled EP is out on October 15 through Minus Green Records/Transgressive Records.

Cicci is a multi-instrumentalist who has also shared various remixes over the years. This is his first release as School of Night, but he previously put out a solo album called Minus Green under his own name in 2008.

The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Scroll down past that to hear the atmospherically synth-laden art-pop cut "Lying," which clocks in at close to six minutes.

"I would go to my studio, play synths in the dark, collect sounds that I love and try to build little worlds I could just dissolve into and explore," Cicci said in a press release. "At first it was mostly playtime and I wasn't planning on releasing it, but if I've learned anything from my experiences, it's that the more you open up and share about yourself, the more you'll learn."

School of Night:

1 Lying

2 Doktor

3 Fire Escape

4 Play Dead

5 Vacuum