Anthrax Bring Ex-Vocalist John Bush Back into the Fold

Anthrax Bring Ex-Vocalist John Bush Back into the Fold
Good lord, is this ever getting exhausting. But it's hard for the beaten-down metalhead to not get a bit excited upon hearing the news that long-suffering thrash band Anthrax are planning to continue performing and, presumably, recording with ex-vocalist John Bush.

As we previously reported, Anthrax parted ways (in a vague, unresolved manner) with vocalist Dan Nelson, who had only been in the band since 2007, in July of this year. On August 1, the band played the Sonisphere fest in England with Bush behind the mic. Bush was with the band from 1992-2005, and performed on the mighty Sound of White Noise disc.

Well, it looks as if things have gone smoothly since Sonisphere, as drummer Charlie Benante recently told Noisecreep that the band are "in the process of regrouping with John Bush. We played two shows with him, and we are looking forward to proceeding with this line-up."

While many fans yearn for (another) reunion with (almost) original singer Joey Belladonna (this is confusing stuff), Benante told Noisecreep that it's difficult to talk about. "Believe me, man, it's harder than you think," he said. "I wish it would all come together. But I am happy with John Bush. If we move forward with him, that, to me, would make my life complete. It would be perfect."

Note he says "if." This is Anthrax, after all - time will tell if Bush is really back with the band.

To further complicate matters, Anthrax had finally recorded a new studio disc, the wildly delayed Worship Music with Nelson. Now that they have an album recorded, they have a new (old) singer. So, what's happening with the album now? When Noisecreep asked Benante if the band were going to re-record or scrap the recorded sessions, he replied that "We may do a little bit of both." Which clears everything up just perfectly.