Anthemic Pop Wonder Rapid Pop Thrills

With a band name like Anthemic Pop Wonder and an album title like Rapid Pop Thrills, there really isn't much confusion about what to expect. And that's exactly what New York's Anthemic Pop Wonder are about - pop anthems that follow the usual verse/chorus cycle and then finish. In theory, that should put them in the same company as the Who, the Replacements and even Guided By Voices. But unfortunately, it doesn't. The band (which is really one person by the name of Dfactor) even profess to being a big fan of GBV, yet it isn't really obvious when you listen to Rapid Pop Thrills. Instead, the uncluttered pop songs are more like a time capsule from the '70s when life was simpler and a three-minute guitar pop song was all you really needed to make things better. Unfortunately, simple isn't always better and listening to a song like "How Great Were Hüsker Dü!" makes you realise that even well-meaning tribute can be painful to listen to when the lyrics sound like the first song someone wrote while back in high school. There are some good songs, but it really is hard to believe that this is their third album and they are still writing mediocre songs on a regular basis. (Bombardier)